Explained: Pure service business as by default non copyright holder and only as provider/hoster about international laws + terms and conditions.

Systematic: Stuff containing System as a Service for every copyright and/or license and every stuff about unexceptional int. laws.

Basicly: The systematic here will offer a wide range of publication and personal new projects. E.g. Communication Networks, IT Documentation... much more.

Stuff removing: Only possible by int. laws and outdated and human necessary situations.

Network: Partner- Programs, fantastic conception are possible and a obligation.

Final: Its a containment business system for services about every stuff/materia thats possible for publication/marketing etc.

Optionaly: As needed, e.g. there can only be extended and modified by int. laws, humanity, commerical and future matters, e.g. economy changes etc.

(The optional part, is very interesting for fransparency and easyness in business, but has its costs, e.g. possible losses in capitalism etc.)

It's a service thing, simple and very potential.
For neutralality and advancing the rights.

Completly new economic system by (c)
The eco-systems codename: 42eco2